Credit Card 101 was founded by Amit Desai with a vision to have an Ultimate pitstop to better educate consumers on credit cards, reward programs, the do’s and dont’s, and more . The blog will cover in detail credit cards and reward program from each bank along with ways to maximize these rewards for cash back, travel, airline and hotel status, lounge access etc. Consumers will  be made aware of several benefits tied to credit cards that  largely go unnoticed such as price protection, extended warranty, purchase protection, missed event ticket protection to name a few. You can follow Facebook Page of Credit Card 101

Amit has taken advantage from credit card rewards to Travel around the world with his family by racking up almost 2 million frequent flyer miles, hotel points, dozens of free hotel stays each year by combination of credit card sign-up, reselling business on Amazon and manufactured spending. In the last two years they have visited India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Mexico, Jamaica and several dozen cities in the US.

He offers a coaching program for e-commerce sellers to maximize benefits from Credit Card rewards at Book My Points.


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